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Camana Bay offers a prestigious
address to both the local and international business community. But doing
business here means more than just setting up an office. Boasting modern office
interiors, state-of-the-art technology and peaceful surroundings filled with
courtyards, fountains and shady walkways, this vibrant new town is fast
becoming the place where companies are taking care of business – and their

more than 300,000 square feet of office space, and more on the way, Camana Bay
is changing the way business does business. Consistent with its New Urbanism
design philosophy of live, work, play, the Town is attracting some of the
world’s leading companies by offering not only a Class A office environment,
but also underscoring the importance of a quality work and lifestyle

who settle offices in Camana Bay see their employees able to take full
advantage of a wide range of activities and services – from shopping,
restaurants and the cinema, to fitness, live entertainment and even medical
services. Thoughtfully conceived, Camana Bay has an array of amenities
available to those who live and work in the community, all of which are easily
accessible without the use of a vehicle – a cornerstone of the New Urbanism
philosophy, which promotes healthy living via walking and cycling as an
alternative. It is no wonder then that employee recruitment and retention
programmes are strengthened by the work surroundings at Camana Bay, as
employees enjoy these numerous perks as well as ample parking, peaceful
courtyards and parks for taking work breaks or even meetings.

A host of free
events and activities after hours serve to enhance an already superior work
environment, while the mix of homes and condominiums currently in development,
is a plus for those wanting to live and work within the community of Camana
Bay. Camana Bay is also home to the Cayman International School, a world-class
educational facility recently accepted into the International Baccalaureate
programme and set on a stunning 13-acre campus designed by award-winning
architects Spillis Candela. This focus on keeping employees happy and grounded,
is something that executives say will pay dividends well into the future, as
corporations who put down roots here will undoubtedly recruit more
competitively, retain more employees as well as foster increased creativity and
productivity within the work environment. 

the developers of the Town have also concentrated energy and resources on
ensuring corporations have state-of-the-art premises, technology and business
continuity infrastructure to rely upon. Camana Bay ticks all the boxes for big
business with a cutting-edge data centre, physical site security, environmental
controls and power protection to ensure their tenants can get on with the
business of doing business should a disaster or crisis strike. The data centre
is one of the most technologically advanced and physically secure data centres
in the Caribbean, with the superior communications infrastructure being
particularly well suited to the demands of international banking, financial
services, legal, insurance, accounting and retail companies. What’s more,
Camana Bay has created disaster recovery suites to maintain business continuity
during unforeseen interruptions. The disaster recovery suites have workstations
that are ready for use and the facility includes his/her bathrooms, a shower
facility, a kitchenette and a conference room. 

the world’s leading companies – the “best in class” – means having to provide a
top notch environment in which to do business while also ensuring it is
attractive to their talented personnel. Data networking, on-site postal and
shipping services and audio and visual conference facilities are just a few of
the additional conveniences to businesses. Key benefits of locating to Camana
Bay also include proximity to the airport and the island’s hospitals, hotels
and prime beachfront and residential communities. 

having thought of everything, the developers of Camana Bay are also committed
to sustainable development practices using design principles from the U.S.
Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)
and the British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)
programmes to ensure buildings are environmentally conscious in construction.
Office buildings are oriented to provide natural ventilation by capturing
prevailing winds; solar studies were used to adjust the building architecture
and to design shading devices to control heat and glare from the strong
Caribbean sun; sloped roofs collect rainwater for use in irrigating the
landscape; and highly durable materials guarantee a lifetime of low
maintenance. Moreover, buildings are designed to meet today’s Miami-Dade
hurricane specifications. 

the economy battles back following the devastating recession of 2009, Camana
Bay continues to flourish, with over 1,000 people now working in its thriving
Town Centre. The visionaries behind Camana Bay remain optimistic and are
starting to see positive signs of growth in leasing. So much so, that the
development recently broke ground on a five-story, 68,000 square foot building
which will house office tenants above a vibrant ground floor restaurant and
retail space. Mourant Ozannes, one of the world’s largest offshore law firms,
has signed on to become the anchor tenant, occupying the top two floors of the
new building which will be completed by mid 2012. Mourant Ozannes also has
offices in Guernsey, Jersey and London and represents the kind of client Camana
Bay is courting for its existing and future office and residential
accommodations. Other tenants already enjoying the privileges of Camana Bay include
Ogier, Greenlight Re, Cayman National Bank, Citco, Ernst & Young, Globe Op
and Goldman Sachs to name but a few.

economically and socially, Camana Bay has impacted the Cayman Islands by
generating economic activity, employment and fostering a sense of community.
Camana Bay’s second phase, which includes commercial and residential
construction, will create over 1,000 jobs over the next six years, while future
phases will result in a total economic impact in excess of US$2 billion. The
Cayman Islands has long been recognised as a thriving financial services centre
and in turn, Camana Bay is demonstrating its confidence in the future of the
destination while simultaneously enriching the lifestyle of Cayman residents,
visitors and businesses who choose to locate to Camana Bay.  

the developers are committed to Cayman, and it is with that knowledge that many
corporations are establishing their presence at Camana Bay, with both business
and the lifestyle it affords their personnel in mind. Over the next several
decades, as the development continues to grow, Camana Bay will undoubtedly
continue to impress with its intuitive development approach and innovative
design aesthetics which complement the Cayman landscape. Exciting times lie
ahead for the island of Grand Cayman, as Camana Bay matures and amenities
expand for those who live and work within its grounds. Rest assured, we can all
be confident in the fact that Camana Bay has every intention of not only living
up to its potential, but surpassing it, and expect that those who choose to do
business here will do just the same.


Camana Bay Data Centre