Mongoose Global Intelligence

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Countering the financing of terrorism

Mongoose Global Intelligence provides a comprehensive and integrated compliance solution. Our solution accesses extensive global watch lists, adverse media, personal and corporate profiles, and extracted general web intelligence that compliance officers depend upon. The solution accesses these sources in real time improving the reliability and timeliness of information. It then applies Intelligence to create a succinct and accurate analysis of the information.

Using specialised format converters, structured data extractors and natural language processors Mongoose extracts and standardises relevant data elements from hundreds of thousands of pages of compliance watch lists and politically exposed persons (PEPs), millions of news media per month and tens of millions of pages of general KYC profiles. The result is tens of millions of raw data records that are processed accurately to provide meaningful results for compliance customers.

While the technical approach of the compliance system in generating Open Source Intelligence is important, so is its user interface. Mongoose provides effective screening workflow tools which seamlessly integrate with existing in house systems to streamline the process of compliance due diligence. Our solution can track the steps taken during screening and produce a detailed report outlining the process followed to ensure compliance. The workflow and reporting functionality help organisations meet the increasingly more stringent compliance audit requirements.

Mongoose effectively streamlines the due diligence process required to assess financial risk and meet the requirements of global compliance legislation through its intelligent, targeted and automated approach in analysing information. Mongoose understands that what is important is real intelligence, not just information.