Living and working in Hong Kong

A Cayman perspective on Asian insolvency:

Working and living in Hong Kong is undoubtedly different to Cayman, especially with the significant Chinese influence. However Hong Kong is another favourable expat destination which is not completely dissimilar to the Cayman Islands particularly when it comes to being a part of another “small world” on the other side of the pond.

Hong Kong is the city of black suits, business cards and networks. Networking and entertaining are at the core of doing business in the city. Business cards are exchanged with a particular etiquette at almost every encounter. The force of business opportunities and growth within the region is felt at every turn – the never ending construction sites and new retail shops opening every day are attracting fashionable crowds. Hong Kong is a competitive, fast paced, well oiled machine, a city that never sleeps.

The city has a vibrant cultural and social mix including excellent restaurants serving food from all round the world.

Hong Kong has some of the most densely populated suburbs in the world, but the public transport is super efficient as are all aspects of the city – “organised chaos”. However, a 500 square foot apartment is luxurious and costs a fortune.

The expat community is highly active not only in the business arena, but through the various business and social clubs. Hong Kong is not only a bustling financial capital of the world, but only 10 minutes from the city there are many hikes and trails as a significant per cent of Hong Kong is parkland and mountains, surrounded by many islands. This makes Hong Kong home to people with widely varying interests, lifestyles and careers.

Thanks to Borrelli Wash, a leading provider of insolvency, restructuring and forensic services through the Asia Pacific region, for the unique opportunity to gain ‘on the ground’ insolvency experience and the lifestyle that is Asia.