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A trustee’s top three

  1. [2006] CILR 307
  2. [2003] 2 WLR 1442
  3. which provides that “Where in the management or administration of any property vested in trustees, any…transaction is in the opinion of the Court expedient, but the same cannot be effected by reason of the absence of any power for that purpose vested in the trustees by the trust instrument, if any, or by law, the Court may, by order, confer upon the Trustees…the necessary power”.
  4. Such variations to the beneficial entitlements can be achieved by way of compromise of a genuine dispute or under the court’s statutory jurisdiction, under s. 72 of the Trusts Law, to approve variations on behalf of minor, unborn or unascertained beneficiaries, which will then take effect if all adult beneficiaries have also consented.