Board of Directors appointed as of July 2009

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Cayman Airways – strategic instrument

This Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Investment & Commerce organises and directs the activities of several departments, government entities and public authorities, including Cayman Airways which has been the Cayman Islands’ national flag carrier since 1968 and became fully government-owned in 1977.

Board of Directors appointed as of July 2009

Jude Scott

Deputy Chairperson
Pilar Bush

Wilbur M. Thompson
Norberg K. Thompson, Jr
George Hunter
Nathaniel S. Tibbetts, Sr. JP
Phillip Rankin
Joseph Imparato
Anthony Akiwumi
Norman J. Klein

Ex Officio Directors (non-voting)
Director of Tourism
Financial Secretary or his Nominee
Permanent Secretary with responsibility for CAL or his nominee 

Dr. Dax Basdeo