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The Cayman Islands Government Office in London represents the business and political interests of the Cayman Islands in the UK and Europe. It maintains relations and promotes the Cayman Islands with the UK Government, Commonwealth bodies, UK parliamentarians, the European Union and other organisations. It provides policy advice and information to the Cayman Islands Government on events and developments in the UK and Europe. CIGO provides information on the Cayman Islands to individuals, companies and organisations in the UK and Europe, and offers a semi-consular service for Caymanians, particularly students.

International Relationships

European Union and Overseas Countries and Territories Association

The Association of Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union was established as a non-profit association in Brussels, Belgium, on 5 March, 2003. As an active member the Cayman Islands participate in OCTA discussions and EU assisted workshops and programs. Along with all OCTA members, the Cayman Islands also endeavour to develop effective working relationships with the EU institutions, its secretariat and other relevant international, multi-lateral and regional organizations.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The London Office engages in bilateral communication with the FCO to keep the United Kingdom Government informed about relevant developments in the Cayman Islands and to make the Cayman Islands Government aware of the potential implications of UK policies.United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association

The UK Overseas Territories formed an association in 1993 to discuss issues of common interest, exchange ideas and promote co-operation between the territories. All UK OTs except Pitcairn are now represented in London; CIGO is actively involved in UKOTA and regularly participates in meetings and functions relevant to the Overseas Territories.

All Party Parliamentary Group for the Cayman Islands

The All Party Parliamentary Group for the Cayman Islands (APPG) was created to maintain links with the UK Parliament, to help members develop a better understanding of the Cayman Islands and to inform them about developments in the territory. The APPG meets on a regular basis to discuss matters of interest relating to the Cayman Islands and this enables members to actively participate in parliamentary debates which may involve the Cayman Islands or the British Overseas Territories in general. The Group comprises members from both the House of Lords and the Commons, and includes representatives from all three main political parties. Occasionally arrangements are made for a small number of members to visit the Cayman Islands on a fact-finding/familiarisation trip.

Friends of Cayman

The Friends is a group comprising senior and experienced individuals including past Governors and professional business people who have a strong association, knowledge of and interest in the future of the Cayman Islands. In meeting with the Friends the London representative has an opportunity to hear from experts in the business community; it also provides a forum for lively debate and exchange of views. The Friends, with assistance from the London Office, organise networking opportunities and fundraising events where all proceeds go towards supporting local causes in the Cayman Islands.

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Mary Chandler Allen

Cayman Islands Government Representative (Acting)
Cayman Islands Government Office
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