Top oil revenue dependent petrostates

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Petrostates in a changing world

(as a % of GDP) (2013)

    1.    Kuwait
    2.    Republic of Congo
    3.    Equatorial Guinea
    4.    Libya
    5.    Saudi Arabia
    6.    Iraq
    7.    Gabon
    8.    Angola
    9.    Oman
    10.    Azerbaijan
    11.    South Sudan
    12.    Kazakhstan
    13.    Venezuela
    14.    Brunei
    15.    Qatar
    16.    Chad
    17.    Iran
    18.    United Arab Emirates
    19.    Algeria
    20.    Bahrain
    21.    Ecuador
    22.    Turkmenistan
    23.    Trinidad and Tobago
    24.    Russia
    25.    Nigeria
    26.    Yemen

NB. Figures from World Bank, World Development Indicators. All 26 states listed here meet or exceed the 10% of GDP dependence threshold considered by many scholars to indicate a ‘rentier’ or petrostate. These figures do not include natural gas revenues, which can also be substantial for many states.


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